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The Enchanting Foxes of British Lore: Artistic Celebrations at Jane Haigh Country Art

In the tapestry of British folklore, the fox, or 'Reynard' as traditionally known, weaves a tale of cunning and mystery. At Jane Haigh Country Art, we delve into this rich heritage, bringing to life the enigmatic beauty of these creatures through our artwork. Our collection includes exquisite prints and greetings cards, all made in Britain, inspired by the captivating tales of these sly animals.

Foxes in British Folklore:

Foxes have long been characters of intrigue in British folklore. Known for their cleverness, they often play the role of the trickster. In one traditional tale, a fox rids himself of fleas by carrying wool into a river, releasing it as the fleas climb onto it. This ingenuity is a testament to the fox's reputation as a wise and resourceful creature.

Reynard the Wise:

The fox's diet consists of insects, earthworms, berries, and small rodents, showcasing their opportunistic nature. They are unique in the canine family for their ability to retract their claws like cats. In Dartmoor lore, a fox with a black brush is considered a spy for the Devil, adding a mystical dimension to their persona.

Artistic Representation:

Our collection at Jane Haigh Country Art captures the essence of these folklore tales. Each print and greeting card is a window into the world of the fox, reflecting their cunning and beauty. Our artwork is not just a visual treat but a homage to the rich folklore that surrounds these fascinating creatures.

Products for Sale:

We are proud to offer a range of products featuring these enchanting animals. Our prints and greetings cards, crafted from original artwork, are perfect for those who appreciate the blend of art and folklore. Each piece is a tribute to the fox's place in British lore and an ideal addition to any collection.

The Woodland Trust has some great information about foxes including their habitat and distribution.

This article is interesting: All about urban foxes their population is growing and this might explain why.


The fox, a symbol of wit and cunning in British folklore, continues to inspire and captivate. At Jane Haigh Country Art, we invite you to explore this allure through our artwork. Visit our gallery to view our fox-inspired prints and greetings cards, and bring a piece of British lore into your home.

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