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A Tale of Art and Nature: My Journey with Red Deer from paintings to soft furnishings.

Two years ago, while exhibiting at the Lincolnshire County Show, I had an encounter that would significantly shape my artistic journey. A gentleman visited my stand and extended an intriguing invitation: to photograph his herd of Red Deer at his farm. Intrigued and excited by the prospect, I accepted without hesitation.

herd of red deer in the lincolnshire wolds

A couple of months later, my son and I embarked on this adventure. Heneage Farms, Hainton was sprawling and picturesque in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a perfect setting for capturing the majestic deer. My son, an avid photographer, documented our tour, snapping photos of the deer in their natural habitat. One particular stag caught my eye—a magnificent creature still in his velvet, indicative of summer. Inspired by this sight, I chose two of my son's photographs to serve as the basis for my next paintings.

red deer stag in the lincolnshire wolds with his antlers

The first painting, a 4' x 4' canvas of the stag, was a departure from a typical daylight scene. Instead, I opted for a dramatic moonlit wood, emphasizing the stag's regal and mysterious nature. The second painting featured a young deer on a 24" x 48" canvas, similarly set against a dark, wooded background. These nocturnal settings added a unique, almost magical quality to the pieces.

Photographing the original painting

To ensure the highest quality reproduction, I had the images professionally photographed by Scott Murray at his studio in Lincoln.

With these high-resolution photographs, my Lincoln-based printer produced greeting cards and large prints on paper. Additionally, I offer these images as canvas prints. Expanding the collection further, I launched a range of luxury cushions these striking deer images. More soft furnishings are being developed!

Original painting of a stag by Jane Haigh
Lincolnshire Show the following year

A red deer fawn painting by Jane Haigh

The original painting of the young deer eventually sold, and I must admit, I felt a pang of sadness parting with it. The piece had become a cherished part of my collection.

Last year, I returned to the farm estate, this time accompanied by my husband. We were once again treated to a tour of the deer. This visit was different; the stags were without their antlers, presenting a new perspective on their appearance. During this visit, I learned that the stag I had painted was named Gordon. I also discovered that many of the stags on the farm were brought down from Scotland.

Farm manager receiving a print from Jane Haigh
Thanking John

As a token of my appreciation, I presented John, the farm manager, with a limited edition print of my painting of Gordon. In return, John surprised me with a gift: a massive set of Gordon's antlers. This generous gesture symbolized the connection between my art and the natural world that inspired it.

This experience, from the initial invitation to the creation of my paintings and the subsequent visits, has been profoundly enriching. It has deepened my appreciation for the beauty of wildlife and the joy of translating that beauty onto canvas, and the creation of a new range of soft furnishings. I look forward to many more such adventures, blending art with the wonder of nature.


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